About FutureHost

you’re in the right place.

FutureHost was created out of the need from many businesses across New Zealand struggling with slow and non-performing websites. Our experienced team of developers struggled with quality hosting, performance, and support. That is why we decided to utilise Amazon Web Services – the top of the shelf hosting provider to host our websites. If you are looking for trusted quality and performance – you’re in the right place.

Our history

Although FutureHost’s history starts in 2020, our parent company FutureLab started in 2011. We started hosting our customers back in 2014 using a local New Zealand hosting provider.
We’ve quickly learned that hosting companies host your website. And nothing else. It was extremely hard to maintain anything or have any upgrades other than ones out of the box. So, in 2017, we decided to move to AWS and host there. We immediately saw the difference in speed, sometimes load speeds were halved without any changes other than the move to AWS! We did, however, have 2 main rules which we continue to stick by. We only host websites that we make and we never compromise our core values: the speed and security for our customers.
Over the last 3 years, we have perfected our processes and infrastructure, and we are ready to take on any new customers that would like to trial the amazing speed of Amazon Web Services.

Our Mission

FutureHost empowers people to confidently get their business online. We deliver quality services at affordable prices. We are committed to providing exceptional customer support since day one because, “Your Hosting is Our Responsibility”.

The first worry-free

WordPress hosting in New Zealand!

100% business-oriented hosting provider.

No more developer-host conflicts, our in-house developers can assist you with your website at any time.